All forms are offered in either Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel format. Viewers for each format are available from the links below:

All documents are provided in Microsoft Word (MS Word), Microsoft Excel (MS Excel), Microsoft PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint), or Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) format. Viewers for MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe Reader are available via the links below:

Application Forms


Application For Federal Assistance (MS Word 261 KB) or (PDF 61 KB)


CDP Fillable FY 2009 Application for Financial Assistance Standard Form SF-424 for National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) applicants only (PDF 61 KB)


Budget Information - Nonconstruction Programs (two formats available): (MS Word 168 KB) or (MS Excel 48 KB)

Budget Justification

Budget Justification Description (PDF 93 KB)

SF-424 R&R, R&R Budget

SF 424 R&R, Application for Federal Assistance (MS Word 194 KB) , R&R Budget (Excel 156 KB)


Budget Information - Construction Programs (MS Excel 195 KB)


Environmental Checklist - Recipients should complete this form on-line at NEPA Compliance Web Site

PMC 111.1

R&D Environmental Questionnaire (MS Word 38 KB)

PMC 121.1

Financial Assistance Pre-Award Information Sheet (MS Word 138 KB)

PMC 123.1

Budget Justification for SF 424A Budget (MS Excel 652 KB)

PMC 134.1

Statement of Project Objectives Template (MS Word 30 KB)

PMC 140.2

Budget Explanation Form for State and Local Governments (MS Word 189 KB)

PMC 400.2

Sample Rate Proposal (MS Word 256 KB)

PMC 410.1

Financial Information (MS 85 Word KB)

Project/Performance Site Locations Form

Indicate the primary site where the work will be performed. If a portion of the project will be performed at any other site(s), identify the site location(s) in the blocks provided (MS Word 55 K)


This packet contains the Certification Regarding Lobbying Restrictions and the DOE Specific Assurances (National Policy Assurances and DOE F 1600.5 Assurance of Compliance Nondiscrimination in Federally Assisted Programs) ( website)


Disclosure of Lobbying Activities (MS Word 54 KB)


EPAct Representation (MS Word 46 KB) – (Only complete this form if this is a renewal of an award covered by EPAct 1992.)


Recipient Application (PDF 1.37 MB)
EF1, Environmental Checklist (PDF 1.73 MB)
Subrecipient Application (PDF 458 KB)

CCR and FedConnect Registrations

CCR and FedConnect Registrations (MS Word 36 KB)

Post Award Forms

DOE F 241.3
Announcement-Scientific and Technical Information For Financial Assistance Recipients and Non-M & O/M & Contractors

DOE F 241.4

Announcement of Computer Software (PDF 803 KB)

DOE F 2050.11

Patent Certification Form (MS Word 78 KB)

DOE F 4600.3

Federal Assistance Milestone Plan (MS Word 48 KB)

DOE F 4600.4

Federal Assistance Budget Information (PDF 17 KB)

DOE F 4600.5

Federal Assistance Management Summary Report (PDF 19 KB)

DOE F 4600.6

Federal Assistance Program/Project Status Report (PDF 11 KB)

DOE F 4650.2

Office of Science Grant Application Form (PDF 2 MB)


Financial Status Report - Long Form (MS Word 51 KB)


Financial Status Report - Short Form (MS Word 45.5 KB)


Request For Advance Or Reimbursement (MS Word 68 KB)


Federal Cash Transactions Report (MS Word 54 KB)


Federal Cash Transactions Report Continuation (MS Word 38 KB)


Budget Information - Nonconstruction Programs (MS Word 168 KB) or (MS Excel 48 KB)

Budget Justification

Budget Justification Description (PDF 93 KB)


Federal Financial Report (MS Excel 61 KB)
Federal Financial Report Instructions for SF-425 (PDF 53 KB)


Tangible Personal Property Report and Instructions (PDF 54 KB)


Tangible Personal Property Annual Report Form and Instructions (PDF 33 KB)


Tangible Personal Property Final Report Form and Instructions (PDF 46 KB)


Tangible Personal Property Disposition Report Form and Instructions (PDF 38 KB)


Tangible Personal Property Supplemental Form and Instructions (PDF 44 KB)


Public Voucher for Purchases and Services Other than Personal (MS Word 64 KB)


Public Voucher Continuation Sheet (MS Word 74 KB)


ACH Vendor/Miscellaneous Payment Enrollment Form (MS Word 37 KB)

PMC 514.1

Total Cost Reconciliation (MS Excel 28 KB)


ICE Manual (MS Word 953 KB)


ICE Model (MS Excel 1.5 MB)

Regulation, Policies and Guidance

CCR and FedConnect Registrations (MS Word 38 KB)

10 CFR 600 (MS Word 874 KB )

Code of Federal Regulations

Federal Acquisition Requirements (FAR)

Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation (DEAR)

Guide for Submission of Unsolicited Proposals

State Formula Reports

State Energy Program

10 CFR 420 - State Energy Program

Guidelines for Incorporating Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency into State Energy Emergency Plans (PDF 680 KB)

State Strategic Plan (PDF 2 MB)

Budget Explanation Form for Formula Grants PF-20L/PMC 139.3 (MS Word 71 KB)

Budget Explanation Form for State and Local Governments PF-20 SL/PMC 140.2 (MS Word 189 KB)

Quarterly Program Status Report (MS Word 55 KB)

Narrative Activity Information Worksheet (MS Word 43 KB)

State Plan/Master File Worksheet (MS Word 25 KB)

Function and Activity Descriptions (MS Word 70 KB)

Budget Explanation for Formula Grants (MS Word 37 KB)

Weatherization Forms

10 CFR 440

Weatherization Assistance for Low Income Persons

DOE F 540.2

Weatherization Annual File Worksheet (PDF 136 KB)

DOE F 540.3

Weatherization Program Report - Quarterly Program Report (PDF 564 KB)

DOE F 540.4

>Weatherization Assistance Program - Annual Training, Technical Assistance, Monitoring, and Leveraging Report (PDF 312 KB)

DOE F 540.5

Weatherization Assistance Program Subgrantee Information (PDF 92 KB)

Weatherization Assistance Program for Low Income Persons - Application Instructions and Forms (PDF 3 MB)


This packet contains the Certifications Regarding Lobbying Restrictions and the DOE Specific Assurances (National Policy Assurances and Assurance of Compliance) (MS Word 43 KB)

Leveraging Report (MS Word 44 KB)

Monitoring Report (MS Word 41 KB)

Production Schedule (MS Word 49 KB)

Quarterly Program Report (MS Word 99 KB)

Success Story (MS Word 40 KB)

Supplemental Schedule #1 (MS Word 56 KB)

Training and Technical Assistance Report (MS Word 70 KB)

Misc Forms

Petition form for advance waiver to contractor of Government’s title to inventions that may be made under a Government contract [42 U.S.C. 5908] [10 C.F.R. Part 784](

Petition form for waiver to contractor of Government’s title to an identified invention under a Government contract [42 U.S.C. 5908] [10 C.F.R. Part 784](

Petition for Advance Waiver of Patent Rights (MS Word 36 KB)

Petition of Waiver of Domestic and Foreign Rights to an Identified Invention (MS Word 42 KB)

Metric Tables - Saccharifying Enzymes for Commercial Use (MS Excel 50 KB)